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    It is our daily task to source products of unusual steel grades and alloys for our customers!

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    We love finding solutions against all the odds, but we will never make promises we cannot keep.

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    Stainless & Steel has a warehouse in the Rotterdam harbour area where we can compile your order and store it securely until it is ready for transport.

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    Every order is considered unique, and we give each order the individual approach it deserves to ensure it arrives in good order with you as our customer.

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Stainless & Steel


无论您需要的是高合金不锈钢、特殊厚度钢板或非标准尺寸T形钢或弯头钢:Stainless & Steel每天负责为国内外客户采购各种不常见的钢种和合金产品。我们的产品采用成品或工厂直接交付形式。

Stainless & Steel利用跨国网络,获取最优质的材料,并为您打造最有利的交易订单。我们乐于在困难情况下努力寻求解决方法,而且绝不对给予无法兑现的承诺。

我们的工作不仅限于完成您的订单。Stainless & Steel还提供海运、空运和道路运输服务,还提供一揽子交易,让您完全放心。您的订单将得到悉心照管,您可以高枕无忧。


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Stainless & Steel总部位于鹿特丹海港区的弗拉尔丁恩(Vlaardingen),并在全球开展业务。

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